To complete the transaction you do not need to log in and register in each money operator separately. In the Xchanger app you get one access to the most reliable money changers and even more: your order to exchange currency or international transfer is carried out in a few quick steps.
Just like with flight tickets, prices from different providers change all the time. Exchange rates are presented in real time. Available 24/7 so that you can always get access to the best offers. We work with money operators that have competitive prices and allow you to realistically save up to 15% on every 1000 EUR compared to bank offers.
Your savings are a priority for us, that is why for each transaction we match those operators who offer the best conditions regarding time, cost and your preferences.
We recalculate and compare all costs related to the transaction: spreads, operating fees and transfer fees to the recipient's account, so that you can take a fully informed decision about choosing a currency exchange. Important: We do not make a transaction for you, we do not charge money from your account or ask for access to bank accounts.